Embedded Terminal Solution

A more up to date solution deals with the terminal as an autonomous processing server with control direction from high level API protocols from another client. Processing logic needed for all operations is integrated into the terminal and the extent of exposure is lower due to the direct connection to the processing gateway.
Benefits of an embedded solution include:

No local footprint – except where you want it, a primary advantage

  • Simplified flow – cardholder data is communicated directly over the Ethernet connection, so the POS and workstation are not subject to PCI compliance
  • Cross-platform accessibility – allows the solution to be used on any operating system capable of communicating with the API, even mobile devices
  • Simplified point-to-point encryption – can be audited and certified, removing the merchant from PCI.

Drawbacks of the modern embedded terminal solution include:

  • Limitations on fulfillment and injection – embedded systems require specialized software to be installed on the terminal and P2PE technology needs key injections. Some terminal fulfillment centers may not be equipped for this.
  • Requires ethernet connection – To get the most out of your embedded terminal solution, you need a dedicated Ethernet connection or a wireless connection so the terminal can communicate with the gateway.
  • Remote updates – Local updating within the terminal is required to deliver configurations and updates to software, requiring a terminal management system.

If you would like to learn more about terminal solutions, contact one of our payment processing experts today. We’ll work with you to find the best solution for your business.