Open Source Payment Solution

So why should your business choose an open source payment solution?

Today the term ‘open source’ is often equated to the term ‘free’, and as the saying goes, ‘you are getting what you paid for’… Well, ‘open source’ is indeed ‘free’; it doesn’t free a business from financial obligations, however, but it does give this business the freedom to have its payment system operate in the way it needs.
This is the foundational idea behind development of the UniPay payment gateway platform, which relies exclusively on open source technologies and 3rd party libraries. All middleware necessary to deploy and maintain the payment gateway is also open source. While all of these things are not ‘free’, they do save you a lot of money in licensing costs and support fees.

So why host a payment gateway yourself?

There are several reasons:

First one is cost. When you reach certain transactional volume, it makes sense to have your own payment processing system and save every month on various transaction and monthly fees.

Second one is control. When everything runs in house, you can assure uptime and performance and guarantee that your merchants get the level of service that they deserve.

Third one is flexibility. The greater your business becomes, the more features become necessary to accommodate growing operational needs.

New strategic partnerships, as well as enterprise client opportunities often come with a need for some specialized logic, which needs to work in conjunction with your core payment gateway functionality. Having full control of the payment solution you use, grants you the flexibility to get these things accomplished.

Do you have to use open source payment solution to be successful?

No. Does it help? Try it.

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