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We’ve amassed a wealth of knowledge about the payment processing industry over our many years of building enterprise-level payment gateway software that makes handling transactions easier than our clients ever thought possible. Now, it’s time to share that advice with people like you who can profit from what we’ve learned the hard way.

Couldn’t you benefit from some sound payment advice about transactions processing? After all, everyone who takes orders or handles transactions from the public must find the right payment solution that allows them to deal with different kinds of payment technology with ease. No matter whether it’s straight transaction processing, encryption algorithms or tokenization that’s in question, you need good payment advice and a sensible solution. Mobile payments and international processing require some discussion and thought as well.

For every aspect of payment processing, the Paylosophy blog is the top source you can trust.

The frequent posts tackle the topics you need explored most critically. We explore the philosophy behind modern payment processing methodologies, explain what’s gone right and what’s gone wrong during our previous integration projects and offer thoughts about trends in the payment industry.

We have experience working at the front-end with receipt printers, magnetic card readers and scanner as well as payment terminals. And we also have experience with the back-end — things like payment processors, gateways and banks.

We offer a variety of posts types on our informational blog. These include post series designed to explore topics in depth as well as one-time, stand-along articles that provide complete answers in just a few hundred words. Every article or series on the site is intended to provide payment advice you need to succeed in your business.

Our Payment Gateway series discusses concepts you should consider when selecting payment gateway software. The Payment Concepts series examines closely how certain transaction types happen and what processes are associated with them.

Even better, we listen to you. That means we’re happy to discuss topics we haven’t yet covered — at your request. Simply tell us what we’ve neglected to cover, and we’ll present a new post on the topic soon. We welcome your contributions to the blog as well.

Isn’t it time to get the payment advice you need from a payment blog you can trust? Isn’t it time to make reading and interacting with the weekly posts from Paylosophy part of your routine?

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