5 Reasons to Choose an Open Source Payment Gateway

In most cases, the easiest, fastest, and least expensive way to upgrade from your old, outdated payment gateway to a new one is to choose an open source solution.  Open source payment software offers a payment solution that can be implemented quickly, at low cost, and with comprehensive support.  Open source offers the greatest freedom and flexibility short of building your own payment gateway from scratch.

Hiring a technical team to build your business a payment gateway is a great option if you happen to have unlimited time and resources to dedicate to the project.  Proprietary software is excellent, if you never need to make any changes or customizations, and don’t care to look at the source code.  But if you are like most companies working on a budget and need to have a payment solution that can be customized for your business, open source is the ideal middle ground.

Advantages to Commercial Open Source

Until fairly recently, most open source software was free, but support was spotty at best.  As it has evolved, open source software has developed into a solution that offers a variety of features and advantages that make it so much better than many other options.

Five of the main advantages of modern open source payment software are:

  1. Support – Open source payment software is built by teams of professional developers who not only want the software to work well for you, but have helped other companies implement and use the software in many different ways.  This means they know their product inside and out and how you can make it work for you.
  2. Liability – Used to be, open source software was a “buyer beware” proposition.  Now, before you install open source software, you agree to a contract and you pay a fee that protects you in ways that you were not protected before.
  3. Warranty – Modern open source software is guaranteed to work, and the way it works is laid out in your contract.  When you build your own payment software, there’s no guarantee that the team you hire for the project will be able to create a good product.  If they don’t, there’s no way to recoup the money and time you’ve invested.
  4. Updates – With open source software, anyone can make changes and create add ons.  This means you can benefit from changes made by other companies that have used the software.  Also, the developers provide frequent updates that address unexpected issues and add functionality.
  5. Cost – Licensing open source software is far less expensive than building your own, though it may be similar to proprietary solutions.  The biggest advantage here is that open source gives you the flexibility to hire a developer to customize the software for your business.  Customizing proprietary software will cost thousands, if it’s allowed at all.

Go With Flexibility

The main benefit of open source payment software is the sheer flexibility.  It’s easy to connect and operate, and the software can be adapted to meet your specific needs.

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