Adding Retail Payment Processing to an Existing Payment System

If you have an existing ACH payment system established to accept recurring payments with an emphasis on batch processing functionality, and with incorporated retail payment processing ability, you will be faced with a number of challenges. These challenges may be even greater for recurring billing software companies that want to venture into a more flexible and universal business model.

One-time payments and recurring payments.

Adding retail credit card processing capability is typically done to add card-present EMV solutions to a payment processing platform that was initially intended to manage card-not-present recurring payments for online subscriptions. When making such a change, one must consider the logistical differences between processing one-time payments and recurring payments. Credit card processing in real time requires significant changes to an existing payment platform because subscription billing services is significantly different, technologically speaking, from non-recurring payments.

Lastly, a number of business-related issues will need to be considered, including merchant life-cycle phases, payment terminal fulfillment processes, and integrations, as well as factoring in the specifics of handling international payments with various currencies.

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