Emerging Trends In Ecommerce 2017 Is Set To Witness Regarding Payment Industry

With the rapid evolution of ecommerce industry, the payment industry is also set to evolve. There are a variety of changes that online retailers will be offering in their payments system.

Сhanges that will take the industry by storm

  1. Chat bots for better customer service
    Integration of chat bots have been made easier with Google Allo, Whatsapp and Twitter, which can enhance customer experience. Customers will interact with these bots.
  2. Artificial Intelligence integration
    Online retailers will make use of artificial intelligence and the tools available such as Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri and Microsoft Cortana to enhance the experience of users.
  3. Mobile payment evolution
    As a major chunk of users make use of mobile devices, the acceptance of mobile payments is set to increase in 2017 and contactless payments will also be incorporated.
  4. Customization
    With the usage of AI and other analytics tools, customization and personalization will also stand increased.

Due to the rapid evolution in the market, online retailers can either leverage on it and stay in top of the competition or can let their competitors take over. So why wait? Contact Open Source payment gateway to benefit from the new trends!