EMV transaction Fallback

The ability to process EMV cards has turned into the necessity for merchants after the adoption of the EMV standard. The main goal of it is to decrease the level of card fraud for card-present transactions. But the situations may occur when EMV cards cannot be processed due to problems with the chip or problems with the card reader.

EMV transaction fallback types

When the standard EMV transaction cannot be processed, a so called fallback transaction takes place. Two main types of EMV transaction fallback can be pointed out, particularly, swipe and manual fallback.

When the information cannot be read from the chip it is possible to use a magnetic stripe which is also available on the card. If swipe fallback fails the merchant can enter the credit card number manually.

Now you know what your actions should be in case when the EMV card cannot be processed due to some factors. Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us any time.