The Importance Of Split Funding Functionality

Split funding has become an essential feature for modern businesses because today not only a seller and a buyer are involved into the process of purchase of goods and services. This process also involves resellers, independent sales organizations (ISOs) and merchant services providers (MSPs). But it is not all yet. Many merchants need to take different types of commissions like convenience fees, various taxes, etc. And it cannot be done without the support of split funding.

Payment System

PayPal was the first company that provided merchants with the solution they needed. PayPal introduced its adaptive payment systems. This system allows dividing payments between several vendors involved in the purchase.

Nowadays there are a lot of other payment processing solutions which offer this functionality to their clients. And you need to find the a payment gateway which will be able to do it for you at the lowest possible price.

More information on this issue is available in the article at the UniPay Gateway website.