Which are the Types of Mobile and In-App Payment Handling?

Mobile POS

You would be noticing a boost in the number of apps and app-based services that are offered by various fields. There have been new entrants in the field of mobile POS and the way in which in-app purchases are handled have also changed. Hence, there is no need to necessarily have cards present while making a payment.

You can achieve mobile payments in different ways. You can leverage on the online app marketplace for your payments, as the marketplace will take care of all the payment processing needs. The second way is to have your app accept payments by redirecting the users to a third party website as and when required. In most advanced cases, the third party payment gateway’s API will be integrated seamlessly so that users feel that they are making payments using the app.

Additionally, you can also explore to accept payments using ApplePay and AndroidPay.

With so many options available, you would want to have the best for your app. Hence, you should take a call based on various factors available. If you are still confused, get in touch with OpenSource and we will be glad to assist you!