Mobile Payment Processing Techniques

Mobile Payment Processing

Mobile payments are a new concept that is rapidly growing in the payment processing industry. With mobile payments, payment applications designed for use on mobile devices open new possibilities for mobile payment processing.

The most common questions related to mobile payment processing has to do with minimizing, or preferably eliminating PCI scope. These questions are easily resolved, as there are several different mobile payment solutions that offer suitable answers depending on your particular business needs.

The first, and perhaps simplest, options is to use an in-app payment solution. With this solution, mobile payments are processed with the online store’s API. Another possibility is using the payment page on the payment service provider’s server. In either of these two scenarios, PCI exposure is eliminated. A third option is to integrate a payment application with the PSP’s external API. This can be done in several ways, but it is best to consult QSA to ensure PCI exposure is minimized.

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