New Hosted White Label Payment Gateway a Game Changer

The full-featured payment gateway from UniPay is now available as a hosted white label payment gateway solution, making it accessible to more businesses than ever. We’ll keep the costs and hassles to a minimum by providing servers and a PCI-compliant environment.

The new hosted payment gateway solution offers a practical, low-cost option with minimal hassle for payment service providers both domestic and international, as well as enterprise-level merchants, software developers, and payment facilitators who would otherwise rely on a self hosted payment gateway.

Simple Solutions Offer Great Benefits

Most of the older payment processing solutions are unable to keep up with industry changes. Building a gateway is an intimidating prospect due to regulatory obstacles, development costs, and need to establish relationships, among other challenges. Licensing open source commercial software such as that offered by UniPay is an excellent option for many companies, but even that option is not without its costs and challenges, which could be beyond the reach of some businesses.

Now, the Open Source payment gateway offers a hosted license within a certified PCI-compliant environment. The white label solution offers your company the ability to move forward without concern over secure hosting or compliance audits, the two biggest concerns for companies wanting to own a payment gateway. All the advantages of a modern payment process solution can be had faster and with less cost and fewer hassles than ever.

Worth the Investment

The hosted payment solution from Open Source Payment Gateway is one of the most powerful and advanced payment systems available. The Open Source payment gateway was built to solve the most common modern challenges in payment processing and we are continuously working to improve, update, and expand the system to keep up with changes in the industry. There is no other payment gateway solution that is better able to handle such complex payment matters as omnichannel payment process and EMV chip in card technology.

Open Source Payment Gateway is also designed to manage such processes as ewallets, subscription billing, automatic chargebacks, and more. Open Source makes merchant onboarding and terminal management virtually hassle-free. All of these features and more are available with a hosted white label payment gateway.

Save Time, Money, and Hassles with Hosted Payment Processing

A hosted white label solution makes owning a gateway simpler and more budget-friendly than before. The license fee is included in the monthly hosting, so there’s no need to buy the license upfront. Without the need to establish and maintain a PCI-compliant environment, there’s not the long wait for everything to come together. Dedicated servers are available for companies that need a licensed gateway, but don’t want to deal with hardware or regulation.

Open Source is destroying barriers to entry with this white label payment processing solution.

If there is one thing you should be able to expect from any modern payment gateway, it’s choices. To learn more about Open Source’s hosted gateway solution, or to see a demo of the payment gateway in action, contact us today.