Not Having a Powerful Payment Gateway Solution?

If you are unhappy with your payment processor and they are not able to provide you with quality merchant services, you might have to switch payment gateway. Listed below are a few pointers that indicate a lack of full-fledged payment gateway.

  1. Lack of agility
    If your payment processor is not able to process faster refunds, deposits etc. it might form a bottleneck in your business.
  2. Charges associated are too high
    If your payment gateway charges you a significant fraction for merchant services, it might cut down on your profit when your transaction volume is high.
  3. Multiple currencies not supported
    When multiple payment methods and currencies are not supported, it will result in your business not generating revenue to the fullest.
  4. Integrations and Branding
    If the payment processor is not able to cleverly place your brand over theirs and allow you to integrate their payment processing services in your website, it is not a good sign.

Why not consider OpenSource?

Doing business with limited functionality will make no sense. Instead, switch to OpenSource platform where we offer full-customization along with cutting edge technology at the best rates in the market! Please, feel free to contact us, if you need more instructions.