An Overview Regarding EMV Terminal Certification And EMV Toolkit

EMV Toolkit

In case a payment service provider or merchant is planning to implement EMV credit card processing solution; there is a certification process that has to be completed for the EMV Terminal. The EMV toolkit is vital for ensuring the EMV certification. The EMV toolkit comprises of different hardware and software that is essential for generating the different EMV payment processing scenarios that will be put in use. Based on the steps mentioned, the EMV credit card terminal passes the certification tests and the toolkits are different for different EMV certifications and it varies a lot across the different brands available.

There are two aspects involved in an EMV certification. To start with, you should ensure that the chip enabled credit card terminals are able to perform all the required operations. Hence, there are card logs in place at the payment card terminal level. Additionally, to ensure that the data is passed on to the payment processor as per the required format, there is verification in place and it is known as host log. Only when there is certainty that both the validation phases are passed, it is known as the transaction is successful.

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