Restaurant Payment Processing

Restaurant Industry Payment Processing

The restaurant industry, along with beauty salons and a few other industries commonly rely on tips to supplement employee wages. Until recently, tips were generally given in cash, but when credit card processing is used, a tip may be added to the main purchase price instead. Previously, a customer could specify a tip amount, which was then added to the main purchase transaction, in a tip adjustment.

With the introduction of EMV liability shift, a number of companies have become interested in new card-present solutions. These new solutions cover both POS software and payment terminals. A customer using a PIN during payment necessarily comes into contact with the payment terminal. At this time, if the necessary restaurant payment processing functionality is supported, the customer is able to input the tip amount as well. This allows the merchant to manage the tip adjustment prior to transaction authorization.

Another feature that restaurant POS software developers would do well to consider is allowing tips to be split among multiple recipients. In the case of restaurant merchant accounts, this might include wait staff, host staff, cooks, etc.

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