What Role Does EMV Toolkit Play in EMV Certifications?

EMV Toolkit

The key aspect for any EMV terminal certification would be an EMV toolkit. It is required for certification of EMV terminal solutions in a specific region. The EMV toolkit and EMV certifications gained prominence after the EMV liability shift; as the selection of EMV toolkit became vital for the companies when they were implementing EMV chip technology in a specific region.

Some of the major players in the EMV credit card industry have their own tests, such as ICC, UL, FIME among several others. Prior to selecting a vendor, it is essential that you know regarding the EMV payment types that you are planning to implement for selecting the appropriate tests.

Even the payment processors would ask you to use a particular EMV toolkit for certifying a particular EMV payment types; such as Visa payWave for Visa contactless payments in Europe. Hence, you should pick the EMV certification that is appropriate for your EMV payment type in your region.

With this, you would have a fair understanding regarding EMV toolkits and EMV certifications. If you wish to know more, feel free to get in touch with Open Source and we will be glad to assist you.