Standard Payment Terminal Solution Features

Terminal Solution Features

The arsenal of essential terminal solution features is not limited by the spectrum of payment types to be supported. Other terminal solution features you might be interested in include:

  • Support for loyalty cards (plus devices, gadgets or tags with NFC (near field connection) enabled for check-in and loyalty programs, as well as non-payment magnetic cards).
  • Management of customer agreements. This feature includes capturing of clients’ initials and signatures, as well as displaying of interactive custom prompt dialog boxes and capturing of customer choices. Finally, it involves the ability of the terminal applications to display interactive customized forms, where customers can input various kinds of information.
  • Stand-alone terminal offerings. Standalone terminal offerings provide the opportunity to accept regular payments without point-of-sale (POS) applications; handle batches of transactions (again, without a POS), void transactions, split partial-authorization payments. Finally, they allow you to handle tips and independent pre-authorizations (without a POS application, using only the terminal).
  • Tokenization process. Thanks to tokenization, cardholder data can be recorded, encrypted, and stored. The feature is particularly relevant in recurring billing context. If you are a merchant, tokenization can allow you to avoid “touching” cardholder data, and thus stay our of PCI scope.
  • Point-to-point encryption (P2PE). P2PE means that encryption of cardholder data takes place inside the terminal, while decryption of the data is performed at the payment gateway, or at the payment processor’s end. Point-to-point encryption does not get you out of the PCI compliance scope but it provides an additional protection layer, preventing cardholder data from being compromised.

If you are selecting a payment terminal solution and need an advice, you can count on us. It will be a pleasure for specialists at Open Source Payment Gateway to assist you in your search for the optimal terminal solution for your company and its particular tasks. You are welcome to contact us.