UniPay-UniPay Integrations and Benefits

Payment Gateway Integration

Merchants and payment facilitators can now seamlessly integrate with the payment processors using UniPay-UniPay integrations as it will eliminate all the processes involved in integration from the start, such as batch processing, tokenization etc. every time there is integration with a processor or bank.

When the UniPay payment processing platform is used, users will be able to integrate easily with UniPay platform. As all the payment processes are unified here, the payment gateway integration is easily replaced using cloud payment gateway. All the instances of a UniPay platform collaborate seamlessly to form a payment gateway cloud and leverage on the local integrations with banks and processors without any complexity.

If there is a new business, the UniPay technology integrates by making use of the existing technology to connect with other cloud based UniPay payment ecosystems.

The diagram below explains the basics of UniPay-to-UniPay integration (or payment gateway cloud integration). To learn more, visit UniPayGateway website.

UniPay-to-UniPay Integration

UniPay-to-UniPay Integration