Upgrade Your Legacy Payment System to Open Source Commercial Software

You can get out from under the cumbersome and patchy legacy payment system that’s hindering your growth and upgrade to an open source ecommerce software package that gives you complete control while meeting your business needs.

If you offer enterprise payment services, facilitate payments, or are a software company relying on a software package that is based on a mainframe developed years ago in a programming language that is now obsolete, it’s time to finally move beyond a system that is long past its prime.

Even if your legacy system still serves your needs, you may be all too aware that its useful life is coming to an end.  Maybe you’re already past due for an upgrade.  Perhaps the reason you’re still limping along with it is because you don’t trust anyone to do that job for you.  What options do you have?

It’s Time to Take Charge

It’s a frequent problem.  Your company’s legacy payment system was created by a team that has long since moved on.  Your current IT department does its best, but they aren’t as familiar with the code as they need to be.  Asking them to create a new system while keeping the old one running until you’re ready to switch is impractical.  This leaves you stuck  with a limited system that keeps getting more expensive and difficult to maintain.

You could hire a team specifically to create a new system from scratch, but that’s a costly, risky, and time-consuming endeavor.  How do you go about finding a team with the needed skills that can get the work done fast?

And then you have to consider all of your proprietary logic and the rules you’ve spent years refining.  No software will be able to incorporate all of that without extensive customization, which can also be expensive and time-consuming.

You’re in a bind.  You can’t update your existing system to meet your changing needs, but you need a solution faster than one can realistically be developed and implemented.  Above all, you need control.  You need to be able to customize every detail of your payment gateway.  No out of the box software can provide that.

Enter Commercial Open Source Software

An Open source payment package may well be the answer to all of these problems.  Open source software provides fully developed ecommerce options that function right out of the box, but can also be customized to your specific needs.

Most open source packages come with most of the features you need ready to go.  Most have full support available, and your IT team can customize the software with the settings you need.  Open source means that you can benefit from improvements already made by other companies and developers.

Open source software means that you have access to the source code.  With the source code, your team can maintain the software indefinitely and make changes whenever they are needed.  This isn’t possible with other commercial products.

A Complete Solution From Open Source Payment Gateway

The Open Source Payment Gateway is an excellent commercial open source solution ready to meet your needs.  The system includes a functional remittance engine, cluster configuration so you can process larger numbers of transactions, a model for payment gateway virtualization for managing relationships, along with much more.

You can join the ranks of established companies with high volumes of transactions and extensive relationships that has moved from outdated legacy systems to Open Source Payment Gateway.

If you would like more information about the advantages of open source software in general, or how the Open Source Payment Gateway in particular can help your company, contact us.  We have a team of experts standing by to provide you with the answers you need.

Open Source Payment Gateway makes it possible for you to give up your old legacy system and propel your business forward.