Will Payment Gateway Cloud Benefit You?

Payment Gateway Cloud

Trends such as hosted payment gateway, licensed payment gateway and white label payment gateway are emerging with the rise of payment gateway cloud. Due to the change in customer trends, payment technologies need to evolve as well. If it is a startup, traditional payment gateway integration can work. However, larger businesses would seek more complex payment processing solutions and would consider using a hosted payment gateway which caters to all its needs. But, when companies make use of payment facilitators and payment service providers, they do not have much control over the processes. For such situations, it is recommended that you stick to white label payment.

When the business is a large, there are multiple needs such as acceptance of payments from different sources and integrations and certifications such as PCI DSS certification, EMV certification etc. When every company incorporates this, it takes a lot of time and effort. Instead, companies can make use of local integrations and certifications of each other and collaborate to have a highly efficient payment processing solution. This concept is known as payment gateway cloud.

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