Payment Gateway Features

Availability of various payment gateway features is what makes the difference between a complete payment solutions and a basic low-level connector. While on the fundamental level all that a payment gateway needs to do is process transactions, there are many more levels to an enterprise-scale payment system than this.

At a high level, payment gateway features of our payment solution can be classified in the following groups:

Payment Transactions Processing:

This includes payment gateway features around processing of credit card transactions and eChecks, configuration of processing settings, handling of returns. With our system you get:

  • real-time transaction processing API (credit cards and eChecks)
  • batch transaction processing API (for recurring payment batches and bill payments)
  • merchant on-boarding and processing configuration API
  • automated decline recovery with integrated credit card account updater
  • built-in support for ACH returns and chargebacks handling
  • virtual terminal to use in conjunction with APIs

Remittance and Residual Revenue Processing:

This includes payment gateway features around merchant fees and merchant statements, as well as logic to calculate and share residual revenue with resellers and channel partners. With our system you get:

  • support for multitude of different merchant fees
  • automated merchant statement generation
  • multi-tier commission structures and multi-reseller revenue sharing
  • automated funding of merchants and resellers over ACH
  • management tools for review, approval and adjustments of merchant and reseller statements

Recurring Billing and Subscription Management:

This includes payment gateway features around management of recurring payments as well as tools necessary for first-party and third-party collections. With our system you get:

  • powerful API (with SDK) for management of customers, subscriptions and payment schedules
  • flexible recurring billing engine for weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual schedules
  • support for committed and uncommitted agreements
  • balance aging, automated fee application (late fees, decline fees, etc)
  • skip tracing and credit bureau reporting for collections
  • email and paper letter notifications
  • brandable self-service portal that your customers can use for on-line payments

All of these key features (and many more) make our payment solution complete and enterprise ready. If you are looking for a feature rich payment gateway, our open source payment solution might be an excellent match for you.

Contact us to schedule a demo and go over the payment gateway features that you need.