Payment Gateway Questions

Is UniPay Payment Gateway fully open source?

Our payment solution is a commercial open source product in the strictest definition of the term. This means you can acquire every line of code of the application and change it for your internal needs as you see fit. Redistribution of the source code is not allowed however; it can only be used for the internal projects of the licensee.

Are commercial libraries used as part of your open source payment gateway?

The short answer is – no. No closed-source, commercial products are used as part of the UniPay payment gateway. All of the library components, as well as common middleware used for deployment are open source. You can use commercial middleware (application servers and databases) for deployment of the payment solution, but it is not required.

How much does it cost to get my payment system deployed?

To answer this question we need to look at three aspects.

  • First, do you want to self-host our open source payment gateway or would you prefer to use a hosted version through one of our partners?
  • Second, if you do want to self-host, would you license source code or would you only need binary version of the product?
  • Third, if you plan to self-host, do you have an existing PCI compliant environment, where the product would reside?

Once you have a general idea about these topics, contact us and we will prepare a formal quote that fits your exact needs.

Do you have free community version of the open source payment gateway?

Currently, we do not offer a free, community version, but we are not against the concept. If you are an educational or non-profit organization and you are interested in a community version of our product, contact us with details and we will see how things can be arranged.

Can I order customizations specific for my business from your company?

Each product license comes with product support and depending on your support level we can include as few or as many custom development as you need. You can buy development hours as well as dedicated developers and project managers. Contact us for details and pricing.