UniPay Payment Gateway Software

Payment Gateway Software

UniPay payment gateway software is the solution your company needs for processing the wide variety of transaction types that are fact of modern business life. But why UniPay? We can think of several reasons.

First, the UniPay payment gateway offers feature-rich functionality.

Actually more than simply a payment gateway, UniPay is a payment processing platform with more than enough functionality for most medium-size and enterprise organizations. While others may be settling for less complete functionality, your company deserves more. With advanced technology working for you, you’ll notice a difference.

We’re talking about things like direct-to-processor integrations, recurring billing and collections, aggregation, fee management, remittance and many other features you may not be getting from your current payment gateway solution.

Second, UniPay features clean and modern design that makes you look good to your staff while giving you something a bit nicer to look at yourself.

If you’re tired of green and black mainframe screens and the other less-than-pleasing design elements involved with your current payment gateway software, you’re overdue for a change. And even better, UniPay is well-designed, robust and features service-oriented architecture along with front-end technology designed to wow. It is payments done in a whole new way.

Plus, it is flexible, open-source technology that’s scalable to fit your needs.

And third, UniPay is amazingly extendable and customizable.

We offer an array of integration tools right out of the box, including three powerful APIs and integrations with a number of existing cloud services that you can use as part of your complete payments solution.

In other words, UniPay is flexible, full-featured – and very likely right for your organization.

It even allows you to streamline your agreement processing, organize your sales force and take advantage of our lead management and paperless contracts management module if you like. It also works as a powerful virtual POS system at your retail locations.

Need we say more? Haven’t we convinced you that UniPay is the payment gateway software you’ve been looking for? If your competition already has it, they’re already processing payments faster and smarter than you are. Can you afford that?

Get industry-leading payment processing capabilities now – and get ahead of those who don’t have it yet. With UniPay, payment processing just got a whole lot easier. And with all those staff hours that will be coming free once you’re up and running with this powerful payment gateway, what new innovations of your own can you make?

It’s exciting to think about, isn’t it? It all start by learning more about UniPay.